Friday, January 1, 2010

Blueberries May Help Reduce Belly Fat, Diabetes Risk

Thinking of your New Year's resolution? Want to lose weight? Eat healthier? Be more fit?
Try eating more Blueberries. A recent study published in Science Daily shows that Blueberries may help reduce belly fat and reduce diabetes risk.

The new research, presented April 19 at the Experimental Biology convention in New Orleans, gives tantalizing clues to the potential of blueberries in reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. The effect is thought to be due to the high level of phytochemicals – naturally occurring antioxidants – that blueberries contain.

Sunset Valley's Organic Frozen Blueberries are a perfect way to get your blueberries in winter. Lightly thawed, they are great on oatmeal, in smoothies, on yogurt, in salads, for baking, or just for snacking. They've got great nutrtition, and all the flavor of our fresh berries.

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