Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 Berry Health Benefits Symposium in June

Berries are increasingly viewed as having a profound impact against the diseases of aging including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and age related mental decline.
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Are berries truly a superfood with health benefits for everyone? The evidence was heard at the 4th Biennial Berry Health Benefits Symposium, which was held June 27-29. 

The 2011 Berry Health Benefits Symposium is the only event solely dedicated to bringing together worldwide researchers in the field of berries and human health. Over twenty of the most renown scientists will discuss their most recent work and reveal how this most basic of foods can have a profound impact on many of the important diseases of aging. Topics to be showcased include Cancer, Metabolism, Gut Health, Heart Health, Brain Aging and Compositional Chemistry and Biological Effects.
The symposium is sponsored by every major berry organization in the United States, who join together in an effort to make this vital message of berries and health available to media, industry, academia and the public. The symposium is presented by the National Berry Crops Initiative, a nationwide organization whose mission is to develop a strategic plan for the continued growth and sustainability of berry crop production in the United States.


Abstracts from the conference on the health benefits of Berries can be found here:

Britt Burton Freeman NCFST, IIT, UCD

Iris Erlund National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland

Roger Corder William Harvey Research Institute of London

Francisco Tomas-Barberan University of Murica, Spain
Alan Crozier University of Glasgow, Scotland

Paul Milbury Tufts University

Ron Prior USDA-ARS at Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center, U of Arkansas

Tatiana Oberyszyn Ohio State University
Xiao-Ming Yin University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Gary Stoner Ohio State University
Peter Ferguson University of Western Ontario
Martha Clare Morris Rush Institute for Healthy Aging
Thomas B. Kuhn Universtiy of Fairbanks, Alaska
Barbara Shukitt-Hale USDA-ARS at Tufts University
Dr. Jim Joseph USDA-ARS at Tufts University
Robert Krikorian Universtiy of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
Jess Reed University of Wisconsin
Luke Howard University of Arkansas
Venket Rao University of Toronto
Amy Howell Rutgers University
Wilhemina Kalt Agriculture and AgriFoods Canada
Mary Ann Lila North Carolina Research Campus at Kanapolis

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