Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Passionate for Pies? We are too!

This Year's Crop of Blueberries are Picked, and Frozen for Fall!  

Which gets us thinking about baking.
Our Frozen Blueberries are perfect for baking, as evidence by one of our most enthusiastic customers:

on Orcas Island Washington!

They not only make amazing looking pies, but they're delicious, and healthy too!
Their philosophy is:

Health begins within. All of our ingredients are carefully chosen with the intention to maintain balance in our body, our mind, and our planet. This means knowing the people and farmers. Organic and Local. 90% of our ingredients come directly from Northwest farms, including produce, flour, and dairy.
 We got a chance to taste one this summer, and loved it!  Let us know if you get the pleasure of traveling to the San Juans to sample some of their amazing wares!

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