Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Behind the Scenes: The Farm Stand Workers

Beka Byland has work for my family for four years, and before that we were friend so now we are basically like sisters. She has done all kinds of different jobs from labeling spread jars to working in the field. In the midst of harvest she is in charge of the Saturday market in Corvallis. She also works at the farm stand, sorting the berries, getting them out of the field from the pickers, and helping customers. Currently she has taken the rest of the summer off, this is because of a friend from Germany has come to visit her and they are touring the United States and part of Canada by train.

This was Nat Adams First year working for my family, another friend of mine, having graduated from CV and having time before leaving for a year in Germany with the Rotary club, for a year of study abroad, he worked in the fields and at the farm stand. He also got to get his hands dirty by painting our house, which is now a very blueberry blue. He did a lovely job.

It was also Dina Pham’s first year working for my family, she will be a Senior at CHS this coming fall. She started out picking blueberries, then when Beka and Nat left for their own adventures Dina stepped up and covered the Farm Stand, she was always so busy with sorting, labeling, picking, and helping customers. Alas with summer ending and school starting up, sport are sure to follow, and Dina is a participant in Volleyball and with her practices right in the middle of the day, she too has ended work for the summer with us.

However this brings us to our most recent employee, Aidan Hackett, a graduate of CHS, he has spent his summer looking for a job and with our newly open position he jumped right in. Though its only been about a week he has show great enthusiasm and is an excellent sales man.

Oh, and of course there is me, Jenni Wilt, I work all year round for my parents, from driving tracker to working in the office. In the summer before our frozen market starts I am out front running the farm stand with Beka, and on Sundays once the frozen line is running.

I think its fair to say that we have excellent employees , that are hard workers, and we are lucky to have such a great group of young adults working for us, and we look forward to working with them in the future or watching them go on to do great things.

**In Picture is Beka Byland at the Saturday Market in Corvallis, in the summer of 2008**


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