Monday, August 12, 2013

U-Pick is Closed, Thanks for A Great Season!

On Saturday, August 12, 2013 we closed our U-Pick field until next season. We had a really great season with more turn out than in years past. It's great to see how many people in our community care about the food they are putting into their bodies. This year we had people not only from Corvallis, Eugene, and Albany but also from Salem, Portland, Newport, Sea Side, Yahats, Florance. It even went as far as California and Washington, it was just simply amazing the stretches people are willing to travel to come see us and pick our berries.

We opened our U-Pick in 1998, that year we were lucky if we had even one U-Picker a day. In 2006 we became certified organic and our new company name was born (Sunset Valley Organics). By then we were having more U-Pickers but it still wasn't really all that impressive. This year we were really busy everyday, and sometimes couldn't keep us with all the people that wanted to pick. We are so grateful and thankful that the community realizes how wonderful our berries are, and we are working hard to make not only the berries more nutient dense but also to give back to the earth and take care of our soil.

So thanks for supporting our business, we really appreciate it!

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