Saturday, February 21, 2015

Black Raspberries & Their Benefits

So earlier in the year we said big things were coming, and we meant it! We have planted a crop of black-raspberries that we will be adding to our line of fresh (available only at the farm during harvest), frozen (offered year round while in stock), freeze dried powders, spreads, and even dried lines of products. We will not have any product available until sometime in 2016. In the mean time we want to start spreading the word, and share why we thought this would be an excellent berry to add to our farm. 

Black Raspberries basically are not grown organically in the United States. We will potentially have the largest Certified Organic planting once production starts. They are not grown in the United States, not because they are difficult but because no one really relizes their untapped potential. Like their counter part the Red Raspberry, they are extremely high in vitamins and minerals. Black Raspberries are thought to help in these specific health problems: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic syndrome, alleviate pain, preserve eyesight, and protect against the development of cancer. 

A study published in Nutrition and Cancer in 2013 found through tests on human cells demonstrated that anthocyanins extracted from black raspberry may help to suppress the growth of colon cancer. In another study published in Gynecologic Oncology in 2011found that black raspberry extract may help prevent cervical cancer, though the use of black raspberry extract inducing apoptosis (a type of programmed cell death essential for stopping the proliferation of cancer cells).  Additionally there is evidence that black raspberry extract can help prevent skin cancer when applied directly to the skin, however there is more research being conducted about this theory and evidence. 

The Black Raspberry has show promise in the treatment of metabolic syndrome (this is a group of risk factors that occur together and increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes). A study published in 2014 in Phytotherapy Research found that people with metabolic syndrome were given black raspberry extract for about three month and showed a decrease in total cholesterol. Black Raspberry has also appeared to reduce inflammation and improve function in the layer of cells lining the inside of blood vessels (a factor that may promote better blood pressure control). 

Black Raspberries are one of many plants that contain anthocyanins, this is a class of compounds thought to play a major role in potential of health benefits in a plant, other top sources of these compounds can also be found in blueberries. 

We at Sunset Valley Organics are always looking out for our customers health, and want to provide choices that are healthy, but we are also wanting to supply ourselves with more healthy choices. We are excited as our venture begins with Black Raspberries. 

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