Thursday, March 1, 2018

Revamped website launch FAQ

If you've been to our site recently you might have noticed that things look a bit different! We are so happy to launch our revamped site and to share with all our customers. So we thought we would make a quick little post with some important information for new & returning customers. Hope this information helps, if you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us!

Q: Are you guys still selling all the same products?

A: Yes, with very few exceptions. We took down some of the gift boxes because we are moving them to be more seasonal.

Q: I'm a returning customer, do I have to make a new account?

A: No. You should be able to use your old username & password to log in. (If you encounter problems, please contact us and we will help you the best we can.)

Q: Are your shipping prices remaining the same? 

A: Unforentually no, as of January 1, 2018, we adjusted our shipping prices to reflect what we are being charged from FedEx & USPS (From the old site to the new one the shipping prices would look the same, but if you haven't visited our site in awhile you might notice the difference). We do not make any money on our shipping and pass whatever savings we do get on to our customers, we feel this is the most honest and fair option.

Q: I found a bug with the site, what should I do?

A: Please contact us about it! We have been working on this for months and feel like we have still overlooked things, the more pairs of eyes the better! If you have already reported a bug to us, we would really like to say a great big THANK YOU. You've no idea how much it's been helping us!

Q: Some of the product images look a bit...well...wonky...

A: Yes, we're aware. We are in the process of creating brand new images to reflect current packaging & hope to have those images up by the second week of March 2018.

Q: Are you having any kind of launch celebration?

A: YES! Of course! Use code NEWSITE18 at check out & get 20% off Dried & Powders. The sale will run from 2/28/18 through 3/31/18. (One offer per order, to qualify for free shipping order must be over $235 AFTER coupon & only eligible product apply)

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