Monday, June 7, 2010

Ways to use Organic Blueberry Powder

Sales of our Organic Blueberry Powder are continuing to grow. We haven't seen another source for 100% Blueberry, Organic whole berry powder. The taste is wonderful, and each teaspoon is packed with nutrients. At our farmer's market booth we constantly get questions about how to use the powder. Here are some thoughts, but get creative, we welcome your ideas...

Ways to Use Organic Blueberry Powder:

Blueberry flavored frosting or icing
Jello flavor booster (try it with lemon?)
Cookies (esp. good in oatmeal cookies)
Granola Bars
Cook it in your oatmeal.
put it in cakes, crumb cakes or buckles for added nutrition and flavor!

Tell us your best ideas...

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