Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guess What's Blooming at Sunset Valley Organics?

Sunset Valley Organics has been abuzz getting ready for their blueberry bushes to bud. That’s a lot of Bs to keep straight. But don’t worry, Bob Wilts has it all covered. Since September, a hired force of workers has been pruning away the dead wood of the plants, leaving the new wood with plenty of blooming room. Right now the buds are swelling, and in a couple of weeks they will open up into gorgeous white flowers ready for pollination. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What’s important now is careful tending, to make sure the blueberries are as ripe, plump and perfect as possible to be labeled Sunset Valley. The secret is in the soil, the blueberry’s very own compost tea that is brewed up full of vitamins and nutrients. Bob brews up a thousand gallons of fertilizer at a time that’s been eaten and ground up by worms again. Then the “tea” is made just right for all of Oregon’s many climates: cold, wet, dry, sunny. Just to make sure the blueberry crop gets the best possible nutrients to make the most mouth-watering organic blueberries.

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