Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dehydrating Blueberries on the Farm

Our dried nutrient dense blueberries are so sweet, we do not need to sugar infuses them.
Our dehydration process takes approximately 10 hours. The time depends on how big or small the berries are. The temperature they are dehydrated at is approximately 165*F. The frozen blueberries are spread out on trays in a single layer and inserted into the dehydrator. Half way through the time cycle the trays are rotated to finish the process.  Our dehydrator is made locally in Eugene, Oregon. The name of our dehydrator is Harvest Saver. The Harvest Saver is made of a stainless steel construction that insures sanitary conditions for drying our product. There are thermostatic temperature controls, relative humidity controls and a multispeed fan that offers finest drying conditions. Our Berries are dried without sugar infusions, oils or preservatives


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