Monday, December 3, 2012

The Power of Color in What We Eat

We have been reading a lot recently about how the color of the food we eat has a deeper meaning than just appealing to our taste buds.

 In an article from Vita Choice they featured an article that talked about a study in China found evidence that "provided clinical evidence that they anthocyanin-type polyphenols in berries" which basically means that the antioxidant compounds in berries and select other foods (eggplant, black rice, grapes, and red cabbage) have this natural "anthoccyanin."

In another article it was talked about how it use to be thought that polyphenols were thought to be directly related to the antiodidants in plant foods, however it now become clearer that they are but not to such a significant extent as it was thought. Polyphenolos bring their benefits mostly through indirect means, or "nutrigenomic" effects. These effects are evident by anti-inflammatory responses and beneficially modular in the bodies antioxidant network (this includes enzymes, lipoci acid, etc.).

Below you will find these articles mentioned above and a couple of other for further reading.

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