Friday, April 22, 2011

YES Sunset Valley Organics has CRANBERRIES!

Organic Dried Cranberries
Dried Organic Cranberries are the first fruit not grown on our family farm that Bob has ever deemed "worthy" of selling through Sunset Valley Organics.  Bob prides himself on the quality, nutrition, organic practices and taste of his home grown fruit.  It's pretty rare that someone else's produce passes muster.

So a little over a year ago, the Coquille Indian tribe approached Bob to ask if he would help sort and pack their fresh organic cranberries, grown in Cranberry bogs on the Oregon Coast. (Most folks think that Cranberries are just  New England crop,  but it turns out Oregon is the second largest producer, and produces some of the best Organic Cranberries).  It was low season for the blueberry farm, (Cranberry harvest is in the fall, just in time for Thanksgiving, hence the abundance of Cranberries for holiday baking), so Bob decided that he'd be willing to help out.

Well, looking at and tasting those wonderful cranberries convinced Bob that there was some mighty fine fruit coming in.  Then they brought him a sample of their dried cranberries. The Coquille sweetened their dried cranberries with organic apple juice and added just a touch of sunflower oil to keep them supple.  They're just perfect.  Nutritious, Delicious, and Organic.

You may know that Bob doesn't use any sugar or sweeteners at all on his own organic dried blueberries, because when picked ripe, and processed properly, they don't need sweeteners or oils.  Cranberries are another matter.  They're tart, no matter when picked.  The organic apple juice was the perfect solution. Bob decided he really wanted to share this organic dried cranberry find with his customers who appreciate this kind of good fruit.

We know you'll love the nutrition and flavors, and texture of these.  The are perfect in a mix with Sunset Valley Organics Dried Blueberries as a snack or for a trail mix base.  The tart and the sweet are perfect complements, and the nutrition is complementary too. They're also excellent for baking and wonderful tossed on salads!



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