Thursday, September 24, 2015

Adventures In Seattle at IFBC Part 1

Last week we went up to Seattle and had a really wonderful time attending the International Food Bloggers Convention. They said there were around 310 participants and representing at least 27 different states as well as 7 different countries. Thats pretty impressive! 

Before the conference kicked off they offered pre conference excursions and we choose to go to the headquarters of Chef'n. If you don't know a whole lot about Chef'n, no worries, we didn't either. But we found out they are a really cool company and group of people. Based in Seattle, WA the company started in 1982, by  David Holcomb who is an inventor as well as the companies CEO he can be spotted in the bottom middle picture (above). For him it all started with a garlic press, and a trip to New York to pitch his revolutionary product. Since then he has gathered a crazy amount of pattens, 300+. 

We toured their industrial studio, test kitchen space, and the delightful penthouse. Their work space reminded me a lot of Wieden + Kennedy's offices in Portland, OR. They have the same vibe, really wanting to have inspiring workspaces and departing from the stagnant corporate america vibe. After meeting Mr. Halcomb I don't really see how anywhere he worked could be boring, or plain, or corporate. His energy is reminiscent of a that from the 80's and hanging out on a beach some place. Very relaxed, and energetic. I really loved seeing their industrial workshop, they had so many tools at their disposal. Above you can see an ice cream scoop being formed from PVC. They also have a 3D printer which was also working on its own project. I was really great to see how technology is playing a key role in their designers lives and how as technology is becoming more accessible they are able to make better use of such a resource. 

In the bottom right corner of the image above is one of their designers who created what they call Poptop. It's awesome, and I totally want one. What it does is essentially is air pops popcorn in the microwave. I love making my coconut oil popcorn by stove top, but if I could do it in the microwave that would be pretty awesome. Inside there is even a little place to put butter, or oil whatever you prefer for popping your popcorn in. 

We had a great time touring Chef'n and we want to thank them for opening their office and workspace up to us. They were truly amazing hosts, and we can't wait to see what they will create next! 

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