Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What Makes Our Berry Powders Different

What does it mean to be nutrient dense? 

People say things are nutrient dense all the time. 

So what makes us different? 

First of all many manufactures use the term "nutrient density" loosely, without testing, whereas we do testing, and we share the results with our customers (Check out 2016's results here). We use a third party lab for the testing to avoid bias.

Nutrient density is a direct result of how healthy the plant is, and we work hard to make sure our plants and soils are healthy, by remineralizing the soil. Generally, the agriculture industry, across the nation, does not understand the importance of remineralizing our soils. It is these lacking minerals that contribute to nutrient density, along with aerobic soil microbiology. The two working in tandem, will create nutrient dense food.

Our definition of nutrient density:A higher concentration of nutrition in a given volume of food, meaning that our products exceed the USDA standards for nutrition.

Secondly, something we do differently with all of our products is that we start with premium berries. It may surprise people, but a lot of companies do not start with a premium product. This is why sugar is added to our foods - to hide and cover the sub-par ingredients that lack, not only nutrients, but also flavor. (Minerals ALWAYS make flavor, no exceptions.) Just because something is sweet does not mean it has flavor and nutrition.

Our powders act as a super charged way of getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs every day. For example; one spoonful of blueberry powder contains approximately the same nutrition as 8-10 spoonfuls of fresh blueberries.

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