Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mummy Berry hits Oregon Farms

Mummy Berry is a destructive disease that can affect most species of blueberries. Berries attacked by the fungus are called mummies because they look like mummified berries. Mummified berries become mummified at the ripening stage and look dried, shriveled and  has color disfiguration. The cold wet spring is helping spread the mummy berry. The fungus overwinters in infected berries, on the soil under bushes. If left untreated, mummy berry can reduce yields by 30-40%. Early control and detection is necessary to reduce the impact of this disease.  Many farms in the Northwest are struggling with this disease.
Our Farm has minimal worries of the mummy berry disease due to our biological approach to farming. Check in to see next week’s blog featuring an interview with Bob on what he has to say about mummy berry disease. 


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